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More accidents at school and on the way to school again (4 Oct 2022)

Reportable accidents on the way to school increased by about 130 per cent to just over 39,000. But the current figures are still slightly below the numbers from before the pandemic. This is probably the effect of a normalisation in school operations after the closures of many educational institutions.

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COVID-19: Social accident insurance counts over 220,000 insured events since the start of the pandemic (12 Jul 2022)

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the social accident insurance institutions Berufsgenossenschaften (BG) and Unfallkassen (UK) have received more than 350,000 reports of suspected occupational disease (OCD) related to COVID-19.

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DGUV statement on the war in Ukraine (4 Mar 2022)

The German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV), the umbrella organisation for German Social Accident Insurance Institutions for trade and industry and for the public sector, condemns Vladimir Putin's military attack on Ukraine. For statutory accident insurance institutions, the primary focus is the protection and integrity of each individual person. These values are being trampled upon in the war against Ukraine.

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Social accident insurance: over 100,000 cases of COVID-19 recognised as occupational illnesses (14 Sep 2021)

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DGUV successfully defends itself against the spread of false information concerning the wearing of masks (17 Nov 2020)

The German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV) has obtained a temporary injunction against attorney Ralf Ludwig at Leipzig Regional Court (Ref. 09 O 2588/20)

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Masks in schools: social accident insurance protection applies (13 Nov 2020)

School directors or teachers who stipulate or put in place measures at school to protect against infections can rest assured that they are exempted from liability by the social accident insurance system.

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Facts on wearing masks (10 Nov 2020)

The German social accident insurance institutions for the public and private sectors have been receiving more and more enquiries about the use of masks. Many of these enquires are related to the concern that wearing masks can be dangerous to a person’s health.

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German Social Accident Insurance welcomes uniform OSH standard for Sars-CoV2 (17 Apr 2020)

It is important to have a uniform minimum standard that provides guidelines for safety and health at work under pandemic conditions and is binding on all companies. This increases acceptance and the chances of it being successful.

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Questions regarding the rapid test for respiratory protective equipment for use during pandemics: IFA publishes FAQs (27 Mar 2020)

Facility now exists for respiratory masks to undergo a rapid test to determine their suitability for protection against Sars-CoV-2 with the purpose to provide a swift response to the acute shortage of products with European approval providing respiratory protection during pandemics, and thereby to protect medical and nursing professionals.

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New rapid test for respiratory protective equipment for use during pandemics (23 Mar 2020)

The current Corona pandemic has led to a strong increase in demand in all sections of society for respiratory masks. Supplies of this form of protective equipment to healthcare professionals have now ground to a halt, placing in doubt the safety of the affected workers, and their work ability, in the coming weeks.

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