Consultancy services of the IAG

Improvements are always possible, to anything. That includes the design and organization of work, and the safeguarding of good health. The specialist expertise required for this purpose, however, is not always available in-house. Sometimes, an outsider's perspective is also needed. For that reason, we advise the German Social Accident Insurance institutions and the companies insured by them on the subject of safety and health in their operations.

The focus lies upon issues concerning human beings and their interaction with their working environment. For example: What can be done to reduce impairing mental stress? How can workplaces be made ergonomic and suitable for an ageing workforce? How can people be trained for hazardous occupational traffic situations (such as emergency response journeys)? What methods are suitable for use in adult training, and how can the transfer of prevention measures to day-to-day working practice be assured?

Our topics are:

  • Risk assessment of mental stresses
  • Violence at the workplace, emergency psychosocial support
  • The design of work in the context of demographic change
  • New methods of teaching and learning
  • Simulation of traffic scenarios
  • Corporate health management
  • Evaluation of preventive measures


Dr. Frauke Jahn
Tel. +49 30 13001-2200