Our Topics

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Digitally supported learning, meeting, and working

By seminars, events, consulting, and research, the IAG develops easy-to-implement concepts for prevention work in companies. For that, digitalisation enables new ways of learning, meeting, and working; it requires new skills, and it changes the way people work together.

Changing values in the world of work

In the context of New Work, values in the world of work have changed, to some extent significantly. Employees’ expectations on their companies are different than in the past, and companies’ demands on their employees are different than before. The IAG investigates the effects of this change in values on safety and health at work.

Mental stress and health at work

For risk assessments and occupational health management, mental stress is an issue that poses challenges for companies and institutions. The IAG provides information and training on this and offers in-depth advice on the stress domains of labour time, emotional labour, leadership, violence at work, and traumatic events.

Demographic changes in the world of work

"Prevention for all generations and phases of life" - this is the motto under which the IAG has worked intensively on the topic of demographic changes for many years. Among others, the IAG offers demography seminars, personal certification as a demography coach, as well as research on the topic of digitalisation and older employees.

Road safety and work-related mobility

Commuting accidents are often associated with considerable costs and human suffering. The prevention of traffic-related accidents is therefore a key topic at the IAG. Intelligent traffic simulation opens up numerous possible applications in qualification, research, and rehabilitation.

Evaluation of prevention measures

Effective and sustainable prevention reduces accidents, occupational diseases, and work-related health hazards in companies. The IAG investigates the effects of the prevention measures of the German Social Accident Insurance Institutions, and how resources can be used more targeted-oriented.


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